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  1. Rosemary Gador

    Another amazing year Belinda! Congratulations! So many inspiring, enjoyable and wonderful achievements to read about while having my cuppa!. Your studies sound very exciting and life giving just like the singing sessions! Thank you for sharing your newsie newsletter. It’s so lovely to be able to identify with many of the events and relive them and feel part of them all as you talked about them. So many thanks to you for everything you give and share with us all! Hoping you have some restful and relaxing days over the break after such a big and dynamic year!
    Love, Rosemary


  2. Kate Suter

    Thanks for a fantastic year Belinda. I had a challenging year in 2020 and singing with the Ocean Grove Acabellas was a rejuvenating highlight each week. I appreciate the beautiful music and vocal arrangements and the way you work with the group to promote kindness, connection, gratitude, good humour and wellbeing.
    You make it seem effortless – but I know it takes energy, strength, reflection, time and planning to create this safe and nurturing space. Thank you so much and all my best wishes to you and your family for Christmas and the New Year. Kate S


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