Hello Everyone – I hope this finds you all well. There are certainly rumblings in the jungle now with varying levels of restrictions being eased in fairly inconsistent ways. Like me, I am sure you are wondering about the whens, whys and hows of singing. So I thought I’d let you know where I am at.

Firstly, you will see many articles about singing and claims that singing as an activity has a high transmission risk. Often cited are examples of choirs quickly spreading the virus after a rehearsal overseas. Critical thinking helps us see that these choir members were of course also circulating in communities where the virus was spreading. Being in a choir didn’t give them coronovirus – circulating in a community with many cases did. My sense is that singing is becoming too quickly dismissed as “unsafe” and the studies supporting that claim aren’t always relevant in many ways.

In my view (our view here at home) the risk of transmission will be negated by a lack of virus in the community. We are nearly there. So, rather than try to institute a makeshift choir with masks or perspex screens let’s just hold on a little longer.

I need to give consideration to limiting numbers, shortening sessions and potentially changing times as well as implementing a new record keeping booking system. I don’t have dates yet but I wanted to let you know I am in the planning phase. I am very involved in choir networks and listening carefully to what others are doing as well as contributing my practical efforts to sourcing a specific ruling on group singing from government health advisors. Until then…stay safe and in touch. We’ll meet again.