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Thanks for visiting this page. A little about Acabellas – this is a community of singing groups now in its 17th year. There are some core values, beliefs and behaviours relevant to who we are and how you can expect to encounter an Acabellas singing group.

* We celebrate diversity and embrace singers of all genders, beliefs, politics, sexuality and ethnicity.

* You can sing. This is a well founded claim. Tone deafness is a rare medical condition. In most cases “I can’t sing” is a message that has been adopted due to a negative experience or comment. At Acabellas we work in positive ways to listen well, to nurture the voice and sing well together.

*Singing regularly in a group has a variety of health benefits. We are not performance based but process based – the act of weekly singing in itself brings the benefit, While the goal is to build beautiful harmony-laden songs the process is of great importance so everyone feels good along the way.

* The groups are led by Belinda Densley (me) and my vocation is group singing. I am currently undertaking Masters level research into singing and wellbeing and at all times I am committed to ongoing learning and experience of groups singing and its benefits.

Contact me with your queries but please do read about the groups first where your questions might be answered.

An end of year newsletter is here. Please enjoy.

The 2020 Dates are here.

Singing is one of the healthiest, energising and soul-quenching human pursuits. This site includes many pages detailing opportunities to sing, examples of singing, testimonials about our singing groups and the history of singing.

If you are on this page you are a cherished singer within the Acabellas singing community or you are looking to learn more about our groups in Geelong. Please be in touch with any questions that arise during your visit.

– Belinda Densley