Sunday 28 Feb Update

This update is to share where I am at in bringing acabellas back. Although restrictions have eased I am experiencing some decision fatigue and experience-based hesitation in relaunching.

In addition the venues have now been rehired to other groups and there will be some work to be done in renegotiating spaces. Another factor is that I am in my third week of a new job – a necessary change after a year of vastly diminished business. This impacts my availability and requires the promotion of new times for you to consider.

I offer that explanation to you to give context to why it is not ‘game on’. There is some work happening behind the scenes in a climate that constantly changes.

I am so grateful to the singing community who have either tried video sessions, zoom sessions, Facebook live sessions, booked and then cancelled sessions, spaced live sessions and outdoor sessions over the last 12 months.

My intention is that when our group singing sessions resume they are soulful and rich rather than insecure and furtive. So I will take some time to work that out. Thankyou for continuing to check here for updates and for your understanding.

Have a beautiful week. Please feel welcome to feedback if you have flashes of inspiration that you think would be helpful to share with me in supporting our acabellas singing groups. 🙂

Best wishes


Tues 23 Feb Update

Hello and thanks for checking. There are no singing sessions this week.

The current restrictions require singing to be not only outdoors (or indoors with masks) but also capped to 20 people.

At this stage the only way to meet the restrictions would be to ask for pre-booking of places. With the sessions being dependent on good weather I am concerned about asking you to book in and then cancelling if it is raining/windy/cold/plague of locusts/raining coronavirus.

Many of my colleagues are meeting with their groups indoors, wearing specially designed singer’s masks standing 4metres apart. I am not comfortable running a singing group in that way. Instead I am trusting that, with more patience, we can have a big sing indoors that is nourishing and fun.

Acabellas once had 180 people attending weekly. If we were an intact group of 20 or so it would be easier to navigate the regular changes. The current restrictions capping at 20 will mean some people miss out in a lottery style. I don’t like that.

Restrictions are changing again this week and I will review the position then. Go well.

Tues 16 Feb Update

Hello. There will be no singing this week regardless of next steps with restrictions. Take care and thankyou for checking in.

Fri Feb 12 Update

snuggle in folks…see you on the other side.

Wed Feb 11 Update 2pm

Hello Singers, singing cancelled this evening for family reasons.

There will be no singing scheduled for this Friday because Libby and I have a funeral.

DHHS updated regulations on Feb 05 and further tightened the rules specific to singers so unmasked singing indoors is not an option.