14 Jan Update

And we are back on again. Short notice groups being scheduled at present. Text invites to singers who were cancelled last week first action plan.

Stay tuned here or on Facebook for rapidly changing news. Please send your mobile phone number to Belinda here to be added to the text messaging scheduling service.

05 Jan Update

Summer Spritz sessions cancelled with regrets. All booked participants have been emailed.

There are no future sessions planned for 2021.

02 Jan Update

The summer sessions are booking out. Masks are now necessary indoors. At this stage the sessions will go ahead with outdoor spaces adjacent to the venues an option. Another possibility is that the restrictions will change again. We can only watch and act in accordance with the health advice as it unfolds.

Should cancellations be required all bookings will be fully refunded.

Dec 2020

……aaaand we are back!

2021 will see singing resume live and in person! Yay.

To stay adaptable and flexible we will start will one hour casual sessions. You are welcome to any session you choose no matter the venue and the booking process is easy. Places are capped in each group, more sessions will be scheduled where possible and the very simple booking form will allow for collection of basic details to help with COVID safe practices.

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