It is time to pause.

For the time being I will take a break from weekly videos. I am really proud of us…for companioning one another through 9 weeks of lockdown. We all made compromises, we were all selfless, we all made with do a lesser version of what we cherish. To protect the singing experience we love so much, I need to shut down it’s echo.

Some of you paid in advance. I have set aside my approximation of those amounts and will ensure I contact you to settle the imbalance in the next 2 weeks.

I hope the slight easing of restrictions will offer you some wonderful experiences. I am going to rest, to focus on P’s reintegration to school and take on the next trimester of full time study.

Group singing will be safe again and when it is I’d love to relaunch. The model will be different and reflective of all that will change between now and then.

Until then…from my heart into your soul is gratitude. These singing circles mean a lot to us all and only a global pandemic would have aroused such change. Here we are.

My very best wishes, Belinda