Acabellas as we know it in recess indefinitely

Hello Singers. If you are visiting this page you are likely to be exploring where we are placed as a community of singing groups in the current climate.

It is clear to me that our singing groups will not be back as long as Co-Vid persists in its current form in our current population. Unlikely for 2021.

Masks indoors (and out) are indicated for months and these our not conducive to our style of singing. Further, it is not possible to convene groups of people with mixed immunities and protections.

Many singing groups around the world have persisted throughout the pandemic with online or masked formats. Perhaps if I hosted one group this might have worked but in reality it was six unique groups a week each with our own unique personality that was not conducive to an online bundling. We tried zoom, we tried outdoors. Now, I surrender.

My greatest wish for our community was that we could sing again. I do believe singing makes a huge difference to the world we live in. Now I have a greater wish.

I wish our children know a world where they can trust tomorrow. I wish our health care workers that work tirelessly are trusted by the people they care for. I wish people who are fearful look in rather than lash out. I wish our months and months of lockdown are worth it and not squandered.

You have lost your community singing groups for now. I have lost my business for now. I hope we don’t lose more lives because that is forever. Stay safe everyone. My warmest wishes to you all.