The Back Story

I’m Belinda Densley. For as long as I can remember I have related to my emotions and life experiences through songs. Songs are the soundtrack underneath the poignant times of my life. I know I am not alone.

For almost thirty years I have facilitated one on one voice lessons. The more singing lessons I gave the more I recognised they were exploring so much more than the mechanics of the voice. It seemed to me I was working with the mechanics of heart, the soul and mind.

Group singing became a passion. Individual voices connecting in harmony contribute to wellbeing on many levels. As a group singing leader for two decades it has been a beautiful privilege to facilitate connection of people to themselves and to one another.

People are so moved by singing. Singing brings forth rich, authentic and vulnerable moments. In all my work I was feeling the weight of responsibility to companion people effectively. Was it enough to be a singer and sensitive person? It seemed there was even more to learn.

A one hour singing workshop (not religious – just a big stretch!)

I completed a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy to help support the important work of singing with individual and groups. In particular I researched what makes an interpersonal connection effectively therapeutic. Secondly, I studied what are the particular therapeutic benefits of singing.

This culminates in the combination of voicework and evidence based counselling.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has the right to express it. Welcome to the site.