Acabellas Singing Groups

Singing is a healthy, soulful, energising activity. Since 2004 acabellas singing groups have been gathering across the Geelong region.  The name acabellas was derived from a combination of words ‘a capella’ (to sing without accompaniment) and my name – Belinda. Over the years the style has changed and most songs are accompanied by acoustic guitar.

Acabellas singing groups are grounded in an ethos of inclusivity, open heartedness, positivity and encouragement. We continue to welcome new singers every month who range from nervous to very confident.  We attract many professional singers to our weekly groups as well as people who just like to relax, sing easily and be around great music.

There are no auditions at acabellas and you can join us at our casual sessions or make a 5 week commitment to one of our booked groups. The booked groups retain the ease, fun and warmth of the casual groups but allow for deeper song development and more focus. In either type of group the atmosphere is light, the leadership is clear and effective and the sessions are engaging.


These singing groups are not traditional choirs in many key ways.

*we don’t use sheet music

*there are no auditions

*song selection is largely contemporary folk music with some songs from a variety of other genres.

The Friday morning group is run casually on a weekly basis. Anyone is welcome and attending this group is the best way to engage with the style and format of acabellas. Although the group is large, sometimes with 50 participants, it is personal, fun, energising, accessible. It is run every Friday of the school term from 9am- 10am at Geelong West Community Hub 89 Autumn Street Geelong West. The cost is $11.

The following groups are also run on a weekly basis and singers sign up to five week blocks to allow for song development and consistency. Bookings are required for these sessions. New singers are welcomed to join from the start of a 5 week block and may pay for the first session only to establish a good fit.

Ocean Grove Acabellas: Tuesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm, Draper Street Ocean Grove.

Geelong West VIVA: Wednesdays 5:15pm – 6:45pm, Geelong West Community Hub 89 Autumn Street Geelong West

Geelong West Thursday Acabellas: 6:30pm- 8:00pm, Geelong West Community Hub 89 Autumn Street Geelong West

Please contact me to book into the above groups or to enquire about fees, dates or for further information.