Friday Morning Acabellas

The Friday Morning Group runs all year round and welcomes everyone. Attending this group is the best way to engage with the style and format of acabellas. Although the group is large, sometimes with 60 participants, it is personal, fun, energising and accessible.

We sing a broad range of material in 2 – 9 parts and celebrate an ever changing repertoire. The group is warm, welcoming and energetic. The songs are taught simply and effectively by echoing and the process of assembling a group song is engaging.

Friday Singing engages a wide spectrum of singers from professionals to beginners and aged from teens to eighties. We stand in a circle (or sit if needed), hold lyrics sheets and generally sing 4 to 6 songs per one hour session.

It is run every Friday of the school term from 9am- 10am at Geelong West Community Hub 89 Autumn Street Geelong West. The cost is $11.