Is this type of counselling just for ‘creatives’? No. Although I believe we are all creative I recognise there is hesitancy about singing, song, creativity and writing.

Do I have to sing to come to counselling? No, not at all. I just want you to know you can if you want. If you like I will sing with you – because harmony feels very good. We can also start or finish your session listening to a song you are drawn to that might open up the conversation.

Please consider some of the suitable client groups below.

Health Workforce: Are you a nurse who is exhausted and frustrated by the current challenges of covid times? In individual counselling you are safe to debrief, express and voice the heavy concerns that may be on your mind. We also want to collaborate on ways to nourish and restore the parts of yourself that may have not had enough attention. Feel heard, renewed and maybe even inspired to sound your own voice. See previous projects in this area.

People who have experienced trauma : I am a passionate believer in post traumatic growth and the power of the bottom-up approach. This means calming, regulating and collaborating with you on your strengths is so important. Extensive study in trauma assures you that I am attuned to working very sensitively and responsibly with trauma survivors. Choice, collaboration, transparency, trustworthiness and safety are the principles supporting every interaction with every client. See previous projects in this area.

Young People : Over recent years play and learning has been pushed online. Healthy development of identity relies on connection, exploration and safe expression. Counselling sessions with young people are supported by evidence based techniques respecting child and adolescent development and mental health awareness. The use of creative techniques including journalling, songmaking or singing is optional and can help build confidence in both self and in positive adult relationships. See previous projects in this area.

You: To live is to have creativity. We all have a voice. We all have the right to express ourselves. Developing your creative confidence will have positive effects on other parts of your life. Whether this is expressing anger or grief in counselling conversation, or singing your own song – you are welcome to access these services. See previous projects in this area.