Singing Workshops

After 20 years of giving private lessons, I have developed a really effective way of guiding 8 people simultaneously to their best singing. It is astounding to me how the presence of 8 others extends the individual’s capacity to grow in a supportive and honest environment. Every single one of us carry little obstacles to our best sound and these workshops directly and kindly approach and move aside these blocks. Continually I am affirmed that small group sessions are more useful, cost effective and enlivening than private lessons.

FOUNDATION SINGING TECHNIQUES : Perfect for people who have never had a singing lesson (or only a couple) to help you overcome any barriers to sounding your voice and enjoying what you hear. In this very safe and supportive workshop you will be guided to understand your range, what songs suit you, singing technique, help with breathing and improving your confidence and enjoyment of your voice. Dates for 2019 above. Cost $80.